One of the pleasures of running is the ability to observe everything as you trot along. You see little subtleties that you wouldn’t notice as you race past in a car. I have run the same routes dozens of times and I always see something new and interesting each time. Here are some examples of trees that might look normal at 60mph, but they’ll give you a good excuse to stop for a breather if you see them in the wild.

sign being swallowed by tree growth

This sign still surprisingly legible considering it is about to be swallowed completely.

pennies in a tree

For good luck, hikers push a penny into this old log.

bucket growing into a tree

Look closely; the tree has actually grabbed the basin and lifted it off the ground.

Christmas lights grown into tree

You know those neighbors that never take down their Christmas lights?
This is what will eventually happen.

a motorcycle in the middle of a tree

This is definitely the best bike lock I’ve ever seen.

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