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Elite Feet consists of an experienced team of authors who strive to provide high-quality content that revolves around Running, Fitness & Health Education. We always welcome recommendations, so if there's a topic we haven't covered yet, please feel free to get in touch!

What to Wear Running

Nothing will test the commitment of a runner than going for a run wearing the wrong gear in the wrong weather. While finding the right outfits (to keep you running all year round) can sound [...]

How Fast Can Humans Run?

Time for some fast facts and speedy stats! Wondering how fast the average human can run? Or their average sprint speed? The average person can run a mile in 9 minutes and 48 seconds, according [...]

Maurice Greene On Fire

This is an old video clip, but well worth a revisit. Maurice Greene recorded a wind-aided 9.86 seconds, winning the 100-meter event at the 2004 Home Depot Invitational in California. You can't call him humble, [...]

Are You an Average Man?

In today’s hyper-photoshopped world, it’s hard to know exactly what the average American male looks like. Is it the glossy images (complete with rippling six-packs) strewn across Instagram, TikTok, and other social media? Or maybe [...]

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