1. You live in the United States and actually know how far a kilometer is.
  2. You’re covered in lube and have no plans of sex.
  3. There are two sets of blue jeans in your closet: one size for training season and one for off season.
  4. You have the memory of a 95-year-old: you limp across the marathon finish in complete pain and start training for the next one two weeks later.
  5. You can name the exact distance from your home to every landmark in town.
  6. You’re 40 and you have a nickname.
  7. You can eat 4,000 calories and still be negative calories for the day.
  8. You could throw away your t-shirt at the end of the day and still go an entire year without having to buy a new one.
  9. You realize a carrot is more than a vegetable.
  10. You get excited about getting older because of the extra time you get in Boston.

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