It’s fairly taboo to talk about carrots in public but we all know we talk about it in private on long runs with our friends. Carrot, I must point out, is not a sexist label and can as easily be applied to a woman or a man. It is not degrading but merely points out that all those mile have paid off. What is a carrot? A carrot is that fellow runner in the race that looks especially nice in their running gear and helps you keep a nice steady pace. A pace that perhaps that may be slower or faster than you normally run but yet on this day it seems to be the perfect pace. Like a carrot in front of the horse that keeps it moving. Ideally the carrot is a runner that keeps a pace just above where you want to be, enabling you to have the proper motivation to reach your PR. If you’re going to follow a carrot, at least follow these simple rules:

An attractive woman runner, aka carrot.

  1. Don’t harass. You’re not a construction worker, you’re a fellow runner. The only thing appropriate to say might be a few words of encouragement. If you’re trying to strike a conversation and get a date, just wait until after the race.
  2. Don’t run two steps behind and stare the whole time. There is a fine line between appreciating and stalking.
  3. When in the presence of a carrot one must never mention the carrot. You never know if someone wants to be considered a carrot (well, all men probably do), so error on the safe side.
  4. Don’t turn around after you’ve passed. We all want to see what the front looks like after we’ve run behind someone for a mile but control the urge and keep moving.

Follow these simple rules and everyone gets along. That beautiful person may not only put a smile on your face and a spring in your step; they could drive you to your personal best. Have a carrot story? Keep it nice. Go ahead and post in the comments.