Tyson Gay runs fastest aided 100 meters everTyson Gay (middle) checks his time

Just weeks after Usain Bolt broke the 100m world record, Tyson Gay, a 25-year-old from Kentucky, has run 100 meters even faster. Although Gay’s finishing time was 9.68 seconds (0.04 seconds faster than Bolt), he has not officially set the world record because his effort was wind aided with a tail wind of 4.1m/s. In sprinting events, any tail wind over 2.0m/s nullifies an attempt at a world record.

Gay’s time was booked today at the US Olympic Track & Field trials held in Eugene, Oregon. Previously, the record for the fastest 100 meters run under any conditions was 9.69 seconds with a 5.0 m/s push, by Obadele Thompson in 1996.


For some consolation, Tyson Gay does officially hold the US record for the 100 meter race. He put up a legal time of 9.77 seconds just yesterday at the qualifying rounds of the US Olympic trials.

It looks like Beijing’s 100 meter finals are going to be VERY exciting.