Although many people run very much on their own, there is much more fun to be had in running in a team, especially if there are those that have a similar ability. Showing competitiveness can also be fun, and it can be an effective method of self-improvement. Whereas, always running solely on your own will only provide you with the feat of running against the clock or have you lost in thought and therefore slowing to an amble rather than a jog or a run.

Holding fun runs to increase awareness of your running club or even just to make a change to the normal exercise regime is a prime time to work on your team’s abilities and generate enthusiasm within your local area.

#1 Hold fun run days with social events after

Fun runs are not likely to be as competitive as racing competitions, but they can be an excellent way of getting in shape while having fun with those that may not be quite so determined or athletically minded as yourself. Getting people of all ages to join in and enjoy the ability to run for the sheer delight of it – or, better still, for charity – can bring people together like never before.

This can be made even more fun by holding a social event afterward near where the finishing lines are placed. This allows for gathering and cheering crowds to see the runners home, which can really boost the morale of those that have found it more of a struggle than perhaps they first thought it would be.

#2 Get kitted out in team colors

To take things a step further, you can make it even less of an individual feat and more of a group affair by supplying teams with different colored shirts or 7 panel hats to wear while they are running. Of course, you should make sure that these items carry your running club’s name or logo on them to raise awareness of who is organizing the fun run day to rally interest in your club.

Supplying these items to the crowd will also ensure that every running team has a cheering team to encourage their efforts while they are en route to the finishing lines and will make it far more of a social event. Of course, if you are doing this for charity, you could sell the hats to the crowd and have the proceeds or profits donated to the charity you are supporting. This will undoubtedly encourage people to purchase and wear the hats with pride throughout the day and beyond.

#3 Support each other before, during, and after a run

By splitting the runners up into teams, you will be encouraging them to look after one another and support each other while on the run itself. Placing experienced runners amongst each team will mean that they all get a fair chance of ranking well at the finishing line while also providing a friendly and familiar face to anyone who wants to join your running club after the event.

Getting more people involved and growing your running club or team is beneficial as it will ensure its longevity and enhance your group’s enjoyment when meeting or running at normal times of the week or month.