The trucking industry is wide enough and has been playing a vital role in the economy of the United States of America.

Motor carrier authority is a real thing but it has been using its name interchangeably such as trucking authority, DOT authority, MC authority, MC number, and USDOT number. But normally, these terms refer to the same thing.

In the following article, I will tell you everything about trucking authority and things around it that are necessary to operate in the USA. Let’s begin

What is Trucking Authority

The federal motor carrier safety administration of a government agency that regulates and operates the trucking industry. It grants an operating authority to the trucking which is known as trucking authority. This operating authority is recognized by the Motor carrier MC and USDOT numbers.

MC and USDOT are unique numbers that easily identify the trucking company. From these numbers, the federal motor carrier safety administration conducts inspections, takes safety measures, controls, maintains compliance, and does anything related to the trucking authority.

Now, I will tell you how you can get Trucking authority registration for USDOT number. I will properly explain the whole process so that when you will go for operating authority, this guide will help you.

Apply to FMCSA

If you want to get operating authority, the first thing you should have is to own a company. If you do not have any company then first of all register your company.

When you will apply with FMCSA, you will get the unified registration system which will replace the all-older form you have. Now you can use this everywhere and move where you want to go. You have to pay a small amount of fee for filing. The amount for any authority is almost the same to some extent.

It is often a long process, so you have to keep all information for any verification regarding filing.

Registration for Unified Registration System

UCR is a unified registration system. It is used to provide funds to the states so that a particular state could ensure your safety according to the law. You have to pay a fee for the UCR. The fee varies as the size of the fleet varies. You have to renew the UCR annually.

Insurance policy

Taking insurance policy for the trucking industry has always been a big issue for many owners. So, you have to pay more attention to this issue because insurance is essential for the trucking authority. The truck is more vulnerable to accidents.

Your authority will not be accepted until you will not show the evidence of insurance. Insurance ensures the activity of your operating authority.

While filling out the form, discuss with insurance companies for the insurance policy in detail and take some handsome packages to avoid future problems on the roads.

Registration for the International Registration Plan

This plan is an inter-border agreement between the USA and Canada. You know trucks go across the country and Canada for the supply of different commodities. Once in life or maybe many times you have to travel Canada and the whole country so for this, an international registration plan is vital.

They charged a fee on an interstate carrier’s annual mileage in participating jurisdiction.

Registration for the International Fuel Tax Agreement

Without fuel, you could not go anywhere and fuel price is determined according to the international fuel price. There are some taxes on the fuels as you know better. You are required to file an international fuel tax agreement. All interstate motor carriers have to be registered. Because it will determine the taxes of the motor carrier according to the state to which it belongs.

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

If you have a vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 or above, then you have to file a heavy vehicle use tax return each year according to the amount set by the competent authority.

To sum up, I have discussed all things regarding trucking authority and getting USDOT. This will help you in the future.