Whether you’re a young wrestler who’s training towards becoming a professional UFC fighter or someone keen on adopting athletic workout routines to stay fit, this article will be providing you and other readers with a detailed look into full-body workouts that most UFC fighters use to whittle down their body fat and master the various cornerstones of the sport’s training regimen.

Like bettors who choose to focus their attention on the odds to win March Madness, it’s important to note that in any UFC workout, the focus is always on strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed. These form the cornerstones of their training regimen, and by combining each one of these, you can build the athleticism that will determine whether you thrive or fail because not everything is centered around what goes on in the Octagon.

So, let’s look at the best two workouts that will certainly help you master these cornerstones and give you the results you’re looking for when followed correctly and consistently.

Your Top Two Workouts

Workout One

This workout routine is about pushing the pace by using endurance and power.

The Dynamic Warm Up

This workout will consist of three rounds, and each round will go for 45 minutes while covering a distance of 15 meters. Here, you’ll be focusing your attention on doing bear crawls, high knees, arm circles, and air squats.

To do the workout, you will need dumbbells. The following three exercises will require you to perform these as a superset, and you will need to complete them in four rounds. Avoid taking breaks between supersets and ensure recovery doesn’t exceed 30 seconds between each round.

Exercise One: Spartan Makers

Grab your dumbbells and begin your workout in a pushup position as your hands hold onto the dumbbells. Do two pushups, and while you’re in an ‘up’ position, work one of the dumbbells to your rib’s side, then proceed to place the dumbbell back on the floor before doing another pushup. Repeat this step by only working with your other arm.

Once that’s done, jump your feet by working them toward your hands, and then proceed to shift the dumbbells to the level of your waist. Move down through squats and rest each dumbbell slightly ahead of you. Then, jump back and land in a pushup position.

Exercise Two: Burpee-Pushup-Broad Jump

With this exercise, you will need to stand with your feet apart at a distance of about half a foot. Bend your knees quickly and proceed to drop your hands to the floor while kicking your legs out from behind you. As you do this, you need to ensure your body is aligned correctly from head to toe. Do a pushup and then get to standing by jumping your feet back up.

Lower your body into a gentle squat position and swing both your arms behind you. Then, go as far as you can to jump forward while positioning your arms accordingly, so you’re able to help drive your body forward. Be sure to land on both your feet and return to the initial stance.

Exercise Three: The 8-Min EMOM Barbell Complex

To perform this exercise, you will need a bar or barbell. This exercise will require you to do four power cleans, three front squats, and two push press exercises. Complete each of these accordingly and take short breaks in between each exercise. To achieve proper results, you will need to complete four rounds.

Workout Two

This workout routine focuses on stabilization drills, and to perform the workout, you need a BOSU ball, dumbbells, a rope extension and cable pulley machine, a curl bar, and a kettlebell.

This entire routine uses high reps, and you need to ensure you run with it consistently by doing each set without rest until the end of each circuit. This will ensure you get the muscle endurance and maximum pump that you need to get the results you’re looking for. In between rounds, take 30-second breaks and proceed to complete two to three sets after.

With this workout, you will be focusing your attention on doing the following exercises:

  • Dumbbell curls
  • Full squats to Arnold presses
  • Cable pulls
  • Wide-grip curls
  • Single-arm kettlebell swings