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Too Cold To Run? 10 Tips to Get Your Run On

There is no doubt about it, winter running can be brutal. I ran my 800 meter sprints this morning at 5:30 with a below-zero wind chill, 1 inch of snow, all while sleeting a little. During the windy backstretches I kept thinking, "There's got to be a better way." Here are some ideas to get you through the coldest of days:

cold weather man running on ice and snow
  1. Run in a swimming pool. It's a heck of a work out and great for taking the pressure off the knees and hips.
  2. Run a Parking Garage. Not only do you get simulated hills, the lower levels also offer protection from wind and snow. No excuses, there is always the parking garage.
  3. Spin Class. I made fun of my friends for taking spin classes, but they got an hour of high-intensity workout and I called my run quits after 12 minutes of brutal wind. Who's laughing now?
  4. Run with a partner. Nothing makes time go by quicker than running with a friend.
  5. Run with music. Friends aren't as crazy as you? Plan out a grouping of your favorite songs and sing your way through the cold.
  6. Save your tempo run for the coldest days. Rather than going long, use the coldest days to push it a little. Running faster will keep your body warmer you won't be out in the elements quite so long.
  7. Work the core. If it's just too cold to go out, take the opportunity to work your abdomen. Most runners neglect core exercises, but they're vital.
  8. Get more traction: I can't tell you how many times my YakTrax have kept me from busting butt.
  9. Give yourself a treat. Give yourself something special to eat after a good run. A few cookies with milk makes the semi-frostbite all worth it.
  10. Stay close to home. Rather than an out-and-back, find a good loop. There's no sense in risking being far away from home if the weather takes you over.