Elite Feet

Things I Always Do That Drive Me Crazy

Forgetting to charge Garmin watch battery

As a runner, there are some things that I constantly do that drive myself crazy. Some of them are so simple and stupid, yet I never seem to learn.

  • Always wearing too many layers: It doesn't matter what the temperature I wear too many clothes. I hate being cold at the beginning so I always come home with a jacket wrapped around my waist.
  • Forget to charge the Garmin: I do it a few times every week. I run early in the morning so I am always in a hurry and just throw the watch on the table and forget to turn it off. Next day as I head out the door, beep beep no juice, no Garmin.
  • Take too long to get going and end up late: I get up in plenty of time to run or meet my friends but I need a little time to wake up. So I read my email, grab some water and now I'm either running late or I have to cut my run short because I was goofing around.
  • Whiplash with my shoelaces. I tie them plenty tight but sure enough there's one strand that comes undone and whips the opposite leg for 5 miles because I don't want to stop and redo it.
  • Forget to wear my wind briefs: I should know that when it's under 5 degrees, the part of my body that leads my way that is going to freeze. It's one of the most painful things I go through and yet I always forget.
  • Being to lazy to journal: Writing down runs is not for everyone but I am a data freak. Yes I have much of them in my Garmin but I don't always wear my watch. I wish I would take the extra 2 minutes and write down my times and heart rate. I think it would be useful to track.
  • Sneak in junk food on long run days: I realize there has to be reward for a good run. I am probably the only person in the world that can be even calories after a 15 mile run. That run seems to give me an excuse to eat everything in the kitchen. It's fine for the 2 months of the year that I can barely keep my weight up, but for the other 10 months I could lose the unneeded weight if I would stay out of the fridge.
  • Leaving some extra miles behind: At the time I just don't feel up to it but a few hours later I always regret not doing them. For some reason I forget how satisfying it feels after a good run as quickly as I forget how painful a marathon can be.