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Up and Down, Round and Round, the Weight Changes of a Marathon Runner

weight with runners often drops during training

I am pretty sure I'm not the only one that goes through this. Every winter as my mileage drops down due to weather conditions and lack of motivation, my weight does the opposite. The problem with runners such as myself is that we are always eating to keep the calories up. On many days I will run 10 miles before work and then walk another 10 at work because I have a job that requires me to be on my feet. Here lies the problem. During the winter I only average 4-5 miles and I sit all day at work. Of course my food intake doesn't change and thus the 20-25 pound weight gain every year. It is an amazing transformation.

There is not much I can do about it, other than heavy dieting. I never cross that 25 pound gain limit because if I do I put myself on a mini-diet. In about 2 weeks I start the transformation because the weather will start to warm up and work has started to get busier (I own a nursery/garden center). The guys I run with certainly put on a few pounds but nothing like I do. Some would say that this isn't healthy but I've done it for 20 years now. The difference is in the three years I've been running the weight is from 195 to 170 each time (I'm 6'0), with each year the upper and lower limits dropping by 2 or 3 pounds. This year I will probably get down under 170.

Before running, I would go from 225 to 200. My health has been great and I have only been sick once in 16 years so the weight doesn't seem to effect the immunity at all. The other organs I don't know but I feel great. Especially at the 170 range. It also makes me feel so much faster. Imagine dropping a 25 pound weight off your back and then running. That's what I feel like in the summer. Of course the winter feels like the complete opposite. I feel slow and heavy but in the back of my mind I know what's ahead. Anyone else go through this each year?