Elite Feet

The Joys of Spring

Pretty running trail in spring time

I have been waiting for four month to run in shorts. Running at the indoor track doesn't count. I'm a layering kind of guy and boy did I ever layer this winter. One drifit shirt with long sleeve t-shirt over that, followed by a winter jacket. For the lower half, I had the old stretch pants with the sweats on top. This is my 5 degree to 32 degree outfit which pretty much meant I wore it the entire winter.

When I run my long runs I really don't notice the difference of the added clothes but not so in the speed workouts. I feel like I'm wearing a parachute while dragging a tire. So when I got to put on some shorts this week I felt like I lost 20 pounds. Whether or not I ran faster is not the point. I felt like I can and it inspired me to run an extra day this week. The warmer air and the other runners get my running juices flowing. I find it impossible to get up at 4:45 every morning when it is 10 degrees out but have no problem rising and shining at 40 degrees. I move more, sleep better, and because of it, I'm happier. Some bring it on, Spring, I have some fast running to do.