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Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Elixir 3

We all want to be faster, and of course, training and speed work would be way too much effort. I prefer lighter shoes. Everyone is different, but a light pair of shoes not only makes me feel fast but actually lessens the fatigue on my legs as the mileage builds up. I am fortunate I don't need very much stability and despite being a big runner at 190 pounds (hopefully 175 by May) I don't need extra cushioning. What I do need is space in the toe box and because of this, Mizuno is my shoe of choice. I have been running in Mizuno Wave Riders since the day I began running. Just like an old dependable car, you want to try something different, but after trying a few new models you realize you already have the best model for you. Red Mizuno Wave Elixer shoes As I always do this time of year, I visit the local running store and order the usual new shoes. Size 12.5, Wave Rider 104, or whatever number they're up to. On the shelf I see this shoe from Mizuno that screams fast. The shoe has a lot of red in it and has bright red laces. The part that caught my eye was the yellow coming up the toe with the red nubbins. As we all know, a shoe that looks good is a nice bonus. Of course, if I lose a few toenails or my feet are sore for days, then how a shoe looks really doesn't matter. I decide to try them on. Simply amazing. These shoes are certainly the lightest I have ever put on. The toe-box was also the standard extra large size and "stretchability" of the typical Mizuno. The guy at the store assured me that I could wear these on any of my training runs but most likely they would break down a bit faster than other shoes and may not provide as much cushioning as the Wave. Like a kid on his first day of school with his new shoes, I head to the track the next morning. The first thing I, and everyone I'm running with, notice is the extreme noise the nubbins make on the toe. You can here every push of the foot. I can't decide if I hate it because of it's repetition, or love it because they can here me closing down the stretch. They certainly feel faster. The Wave Rider is a light shoe but this feels like air. After a good morning of hard sprints and a few weeks of 6-10 mile tempo runs, I think I have found my new "secret weapon". Whether they make me truly faster or not is not important. As long as I think I am faster and feel faster, then that's all I need. That and no pain.