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Running Makes You Smarter

Spark exercise brain book cover It seems like scientists figure out another reason why running is good for us every week. Spark, a new book by John J. Ratey sets out to prove that exercise makes us smarter. He explains how muscle activity produces proteins that play a role in our brain development and daily thought processes. Case studies prove that exercise can change our mental state and boost our creative capacity. As a runner, I already realize this. After a run, I rarely feel tired; only invigorated and refreshed. Spark demonstrates that exercise is a key combatant against a variety of ailments such as ADD, aggression, menopause, Alzheimer's, and depression, the leading cause of disability of the U.S. With the ever-growing list of bonuses, I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to run. Spark has great reviews on Amazon and looks like a good read.